Welcome to our submission portal

Welcome to the website submission portal for the Department of Communication Studies. Please use this form to submit items relevant only to the Department of Communication Studies. These forms will only update the website and items will not be shared on any of other of Concordia’s websites.

For items relevant to the wider Concordia community, we recommend:

  1. If you have a new exhibition, an important research finding, a notable award, or another important story to tell, then contact Taylor Tower. Taylor can help prepare a story for Concordia News and contribute to your communication plan. Please give Taylor two weeks notice for an event.
  2. If you have a major event open to the public or an interdisciplinary audience, complete an event request form.
    1. In the comments, mention that the event should show up on the Department of Communication Studies websites and any other relevant departments. Your comments help the event creator tag the item so it appears in the appropriate calendar.
    2. Protip: If it’s a big event, ask to have it profiled on the front page.


For all other items relevant to our website, then submit one of the following forms:

  1. Events for our calendar
  2. News Items that appear on our front page. This requires you submit an image and you have written 150-1000 words. We will post these items, we will not write or design them for you.
  3. A  Notice a smaller text only release more for smaller announcements or for policy updates.

You can see where these items appear on our website in the graphic below:

To submit any News Items, Notices or Events for Publication on our Website,

Please click the above related page link, and  fill out and submit that form.

News Items, Notices and Events can be found at these locations on our Main Website: